Do procrastination episodes look like idleness to you? Is it the drawback that stops you from solving all your academic problems with tons of essay paperwork? If this is your case, don’t worry and don’t accuse yourself of laziness. Procrastination while studying is a common problem of students, but there is always a way to get rid of it. So, we’ll take a look at 5 means that can help you fight it and finally deal with all the academic papers.

What Procrastination Is 

Stereotypical awareness of this term has nothing to do with objective reality. While some people think it’s just the sin of Sloth, procrastination remains a complex problem. 

In brief, this is the process of constant delaying of important tasks followed by dissatisfaction with oneself. You can say it’s the failure of self-control that leads to the postponement of project implementation. 

You can draw parallels with such a neuroscience term as abulia. This phenomenon means a disorder of motivation (when the motivation is completely absent). Yet, abulia as a syndrome may not be irritating for the person who suffers from it. But procrastination usually leads to self-attacks and scolding yourself. 

What Are the Reasons for Such Called “Laziness”? 

There are way too many reasons for this occurrence. Every personal case is different. But you can see at least a part of them in a shortlist. So, the reason for this issue might be: 

  • Perfectionism and fright of failure. As ironic as it is, a strong desire to make everything 101% perfect makes it impossible to even start any project. Sure thing, it works with essay writing too. 
  • Non-acceptance of criticism. This reason is somewhat a part of the previous one. When you expect to do everything without a hitch, you fear that your work will not be good enough even with the best result. 
  • Problems with self-esteem (usually when it’s too low). Some people think that they are never enough. And no matter what they do, they think it has no sense as they don’t deserve anything. 
  • Absence of specific goals. When you see no reason in studying, you can’t motivate yourself to do anything for the degree. Certainly, essay writing becomes no more than a nagging issue you don’t want to deal with. 
  • Depression and all its consequences. No need to talk much about this problem. It’s understandable that in this case, a person needs professional assistance which is okay. 
  • Aversion to some tasks including essay writing. There might be complex psychological reasons for this. 
  • Fatigue and exhaustion. Studying is tiring, it’s not a secret. You might just want some rest unconsciously. People aren’t robots and they can’t work on electrical power. 
  • Lack of knowledge and experience in practical activities. How can a person know what they need to do when professors or mentors don’t explain basic things? 

There also might be reasons like ADHD, lack of planning skills, weak resistance to stress, and so on. 

How To Deal with Procrastination When You Need to Write an Essay? 

You can use at least 5 methods to get rid of this issue. The most significant thing here is to choose what will make you as happy as you could be. It must be trouble-free and also effective, so choose carefully. 

Option 1: minimize what might distract you in the essay writing process 

Switch off your phone or at least mute it. Do not check updates on your Instagram, Twitter, or anything else — your likes won’t disappear. Switch music off or make it so quiet that you can’t even hear lyrics in the background. Understand that there is the task which is essay writing. You have to write an essay, and if you haven’t done it yet, you can’t break away from this business. 

Option 2: promise yourself a prize after you finish an essay 

This prize can be small but still pleasant. Do not set vast goals like finishing 10 overdue essays in a week after which you can obtain something expensive. No, try telling yourself that you can eat a piece of chocolate if you finish one essay. Or tell yourself you can watch one episode of your favorite show if you get rid of an essay. Allow yourself to pay attention to your hobbies after successful essay writing. Choose whatever you can easily obtain or do — and get it after you write an essay. 

Option 3: make a plan for essay writing and other tasks 

Decide that, for instance, Wednesday is the day when you have to write essays. And Friday is the day when you complete a part of assignments for the next week. Don’t make yourself work on weekends, those days are for resting and having fun! If you have a plan and stick to it, then you won’t have problems with submitting the tasks on time. 

Option 4: do not demand perfection from yourself

If you get a B, it’s okay. If you get a C but you still pass, it’s alright too! If you get an A occasionally, it’s great. If you have to write an essay or any other paper but you don’t have the energy for making it flawless, let it be mediocre but worth the minimum. Let it be like it is, the most important thing is to get rid of it. And it won’t decide your destiny. 

Option 5: ask for help from a pro writer 

If you don’t know how to write an essay, you can get assistance from a person who is a pro in a particular field. They will write an essay or another paper for you and you can supervise. This way you’ll see the methods of effective structuring, process or searching for sources, the best ways of wording, and so on. Also, you’ll learn how to format any paper, how to cite extra materials properly, and avoid plagiarism. If you let them do the work and learn passively, you can then write any paper by yourself and get the best results. 

In Conclusion 

Don’t scourge yourself if you can’t start your essay or complete it. It’s alright to feel tired but you’ll have to submit all those papers anyway. So, try at least one of the listed methods or combine them for full effectiveness! And remember that essays are never more important than your mental state. Moreover, you can always get help with essay writing.