Do you consider procrastination to be a form of idleness? Is it the disadvantage that prevents you from using lots of essay papers to solve all of your academic problems? If this describes you, don’t be concerned or criticize yourself for being lazy. While procrastination is a widespread problem among students, there is always a method to overcome it. So, let’s take a look what causes laziness and procrastination and five methods that may assist you in combating it and eventually dealing with all of your academic papers.

What Is the Basis of Procrastination?

This term’s stereotypical awareness has nothing to do with objective reality. While some believe it is just the sin of sloth, procrastination is a complicated issue.

So, what is the procrastination? In a word, this is the process of deferring crucial chores over and over again, followed by displeasure with oneself. You may say that the loss of self-control causes the project’s implementation to be postponed.

There are parallels to be seen with a neurology concept called abulia. This condition is characterized by a lack of motivation (when the motivation is completely absent). However, abulia as a condition may not be bothersome to the individual who has it. However, procrastination frequently leads to self-criticism and scolding.

What are the causes of this so-called «laziness»?

This phenomenon can be attributed to a wide range of factors. Every individual’s situation is unique. However, in a shortlist, you may view at least a portion of them. So, here’s advices how to avoid procrastination and laziness when writing essay:

  • Fear of failure and perfectionism. As strange as it may seem, a strong desire to make everything 100 percent flawless prevents you from even starting a project. Yes, it also works with essay writing.
  • Criticism is not accepted. This rationale is related to the preceding one in certain ways. When you anticipate things to go smoothly, you worry that your work will fall short, even if the outcome is perfect.
  • Self-esteem issues (typically when it is very low). Some individuals believe
  • There are no specified objectives. You can’t push yourself to complete anything for the degree if you don’t see a reason to study. Essay writing, without a doubt, becomes a persistent issue that you don’t want to deal with.
  • Depression with all of its consequences. There’s no need to go into detail regarding this issue. It’s reasonable that a person would want professional aid in this situation, and that’s OK.
  • Some activities, such as essay writing, cause aversion. This might be due to a variety of psychological factors.
  • Fatigue and exhaustion are two words that come to mind while thinking about fatigue and exhaustion It’s no secret that studying is exhausting. It’s possible that you’re just in need of some rest. People aren’t robots, and they can’t operate under the influence of electricity.
  • Knowledge and expertise in practical actions are lacking. How can someone know what they need to do when they don’t know what they need to do?

There also might be reasons like ADHD, lack of planning skills, weak resistance to stress, and so on. 

When you need to write an essay, how do you deal with procrastination?

You have at least five options for resolving this problem. The most important thing in how to stop procrastination is to find something that would make you as pleased as possible. It must be both simple and effective, so select wisely.

Option 1: reduce distractions throughout the essay writing process.

Turn off or at the very least silence your phone. Do not check your Instagram, Twitter, or other social media accounts for changes; your likes will not vanish. Turn off the music or turn it down so low that you can’t hear the words in the background. Recognize that you have a mission to do, which is writing an essay. You must compose an essay, and if you fail to do so, you will be penalized.

Option 2: if you finish an essay, promise yourself a prize.

Even if the prize is little, it is still enjoyable. Do not establish lofty expectations for yourself, such as writing 10 past-due assignments in a week so you can buy something costly. No, try persuading yourself that if you finish one essay, you can have a piece of chocolate. Alternatively, persuade yourself that if you finish an essay, you may watch one episode of your favorite TV. Allow yourself to focus on your hobbies after completing your essay. Choose something you can readily buy or do — then do it once you’ve finished writing an article.

Option 3: create a plan for essay writing and other responsibilities.

Decide, for example, that Wednesday will be your essay writing day. Friday is the day when you finish a portion of the homework for the next week. Don’t force yourself to work on weekends; they’re meant to be spent relaxing and having fun! You won’t have any difficulty completing chores on schedule if you make a strategy and stick to it.

Option 4: don’t hold yourself to a standard of perfection.

It’s fine if you receive a B. It’s fine if you receive a C but still obtain a passing grade! It’s fantastic if you receive an A once in a while. If you need to create an essay or another project but don’t have enough time.

Option 5: obtain the assistance of a professional writer.

If you don’t know how to how to avoid procrastination and write an essay, you can seek help from someone who is an expert on the topic. You can supervise them as they write an essay or another paper for you. This way, you’ll be able to see the best ways to structure, analyze, or search for sources, as well as the finest ways to word things. You’ll also learn how to correctly style any document, cite additional materials, and avoid plagiarism. You can write any paper by yourself and obtain the greatest scores if you let them do the job and learn passively.

In Conclusion 

If you can’t start or complete your essay, don’t beat yourself up. It’s OK if you’re exhausted, but you’ll still have to turn in all those papers. So, try at least one of the ways provided, or combine them for maximum efficiency! Also, keep in mind that your mental health is always more vital than your writings. Furthermore, you may always seek essay writing assistance.