Heroes can be different. Still, all of them have one thing in common. Every hero tries to help those in need every time this is possible. And we do the same thing!

The scope of our assistance is not universal. Yet, Essay Hero can save you and other students from tedious academic issues. Our specialization is in providing: 

  • Applicable information about essay writing; 
  • Trouble-free writing tips every student can implement; 
  • Tips on essay writing skills development; 
  • Information about principal academic rules no student can ignore;
  • Up-to-date advice on different academic papers; 
  • Advisory assistance on re-writing, editing, and proofreading; 
  • Advice on how to choose the best writing assistants; 
  • Other tips and hacks.

Our Motivation Is to Assist You 

Our main goal is to help every student with practical advice and make sure their essays win the best marks. This initiative is motivated by a desire to make college life and student’s experience a good thing to recall. Also, we want to share the knowledge we have gathered for years of working as academic assistants. 

We are NOT asking for money: our assistance is 100% free! Whenever you need a tip, you can scroll our blog and find everything you need to ace a stodgy essay. Thus, no obligations for students. 

Our Team 

The team we have formed consists of professional academic writers who have more than 3 years of experience. All the essay writing tips you can find here are the result of our long-term practice in academic assistance. By and large, we have undergone academic difficulties, so we know how to deal with that. 

Many of us have worked in different writing companies, sometimes simultaneously. Thus, we have already written thousands of different academic papers. And now we use our spare time to write this blog, so you can have access to up-to-date tips on academic writing anytime for free! 

A Humble Request from Us 

The only thing we ask for is your feedback. As professional writers, we accept any form of constructive criticism. Also, we react to students’ needs momentously. So, if our advice helped you, we would like to know that your academic adventure went well! If you lack something, we want to know what it is. If there is a topic you want us to elucidate, you can leave a comment! You will get an answer in the form of an article a couple of days later.