Throughout studying every student gets essay assignments of all kinds. They are all contrastingly different, so students have to switch every time. This might be stressful considering how many essays every student has to submit per semester. According to MVOrganizing, it’s about 40-60 pages each period. 

At the end of every semester, you can collect all this paperwork in a small book! But that has more negatives than positives. Of course, writing these many papers is distressingly time-consuming. So, is there a tool to get rid of this problem once and for all? The answer is yes. And the more precise answer is your solution will be a good essay writing service. But before we get to talking about that, we need to see how many different papers you may get to write while studying. 

What Types of Essays Are There? 

You will encounter 4 types of essays but don’t think that there can’t be an alternative assignment. Still, the most “popular” genres are: 

Argumentative essays

Their main goal is to test your skill to form an opinion and present it which is of no less significance. Sure thing, you’ll need evidence to support your idea. In this case, you’ll have to take a side and protect one concept considering counter argumentation. The contrasting idea can be more stable in terms of acknowledgment. In this case, you have to prove that your arguments are valid too. This type requires a lot of research, so it’s better to start working on such essays in advance. 

Persuasive essays

They might seem the same as the previous type, yet, they have their differences. Here you are trying to pass the test of being able to convince someone. Your point here is like a new product on the market, and you are the advertiser. All means are good in this case! Your main goal as an orator is to make it clear that your idea is the only right one. You can blend in some emotions, by the way. No need to spam precise statistics only, leave that for argumentative essays. 

Descriptive essays

Understandably, you have to describe something. But it’s better to say that here you have to depict something with eloquent and even artistic wording. So, here you can enliven your language and add semitones of emotions as if you’re painting a masterpiece.

Narrative ones 

Here you put through the test your abilities to create a compelling story. Such essays are usually about personal experiences. 

Expository papers 

This is one of the hardest ones because here you have to speak facts. You demonstrate how deep you’ve gone into one particular topic. No need to add emotions, it’s better to use precise data and analysis of a situation or occurrence. 

Analytical essays

It’s understandable. You have to analyze an object or a particular phenomenon. 


It’s when you have two objects and you have to spot all the differences and also their likeness. For instance, you might need to compare two writers, two politicians, two periods of history, and so on. Sometimes your professor can ask you to compare more than two objects of observation. 

Can A Custom Essay Writing Service Write All Those Essays? 

Spoiler: yes. Such websites have large systems that connect the best essay assistants from the USA and the UK. Employees of an essay writing service also usually have more than one degree and a couple of years of real experience. So, they know how to deal with your essay problem. 

What Is Custom Writing by an Essay Writing Service? 

If you ask for help from pro essay helpers, then expect a row of benefits. First and foremost, they can create 100% unique texts and other forms of content. They don’t care about how complex your assignment is as they can: 

  • write your essay from scratch on any topic; 
  • create custom papers according to the smallest detail of your requirements; 
  • edit your paper if you are not sure it’s in its best form; 
  • format your paper with strict considerateness; 
  • detect plagiarism and get rid of it; 
  • work with any type, format, and requirement. 

Almost every essay writing service can work with other papers, too. Essays are the main specialization but if you need a term paper it won’t be an issue. They can do everything up to writing holistic dissertations. 

What To Expect When You Ask for Paper Help 

Writing help websites are student-friendly because they consider the difficulties of college life. Usually, their help is cheap or at least affordable enough. But there are unquestionable benefits that are always free for students. For instance: 

Full anonymity

As with every other trustworthy enterprise, a good custom assignment writing service will keep your data safe. It won’t expose you and won’t even tell your writer what your name is. Moreover, your essay helper doesn’t need your name to write a paper for you. 

Fast writing

For the most part, employees of such companies can write your essay in 3 hours. Sometimes their minimum deadline is 6 hours but that’s a rarity. In any case, they are always on time because they know how to ace an essay in the shortest terms. 

Free revisions

Every essay writing service offers free revisions in case of dissatisfaction stated by the client. They will do everything to make your essay flawless, so you’ll accept it. 

High-quality research. Best custom writing helpers have profound knowledge of literature. They know what resource will be the best for your assignment. And they use only verified materials. 

Flawless cleanliness

This goes for every part of your essay. Any custom assignment writing service can polish a paper to an ideal. So, in the end, your essay will be eloquent, well-structured, and there won’t be a spot on it. 

So, using an essay writing service even once will at least give you a perfect template. You can use this essay as an exemplary material for any case. 


Many essays are the reason for students’ stress. But a wise choice of a writing company can solve this problem as fast as possible. Pro writers can help you deal with any type of essay for cheap, and you’ll get the best exemplary paper that you can reuse as you please.