Every student receives a variety of essay assignments throughout their academic careers. Because they are all so dissimilar, students must swap every time. Given the number of essays each student is required to write each semester, this might be onerous. According to MVOrganizing, it’s about 40-60 pages each period. 

All of this paperwork may be gathered in a little book at the conclusion of each semester! However, there are more drawbacks than advantages to this approach. Writing so many papers, of course, takes a lot of time. Is there a way to permanently solve this problem? Yes, it’s possible. Your solution will be a decent essay writing service, to be more specific. But first, let’s look what are the types of essay and how many distinct types of papers you could be assigned while studying.

What Are the Different Types of Essays?

You will meet four different kinds of essays, but don’t rule out the possibility of a different assignment. The following are the most «popular» genres:

Argumentative essays

Their major purpose is to assess your ability to generate and articulate an opinion, which is equally important. Sure, you’ll need proof to back up your claim. In this situation, you’ll need to pick a side and defend one notion against counter-arguments. In terms of acceptance, the opposing concept may be more stable. In this scenario, you must also show the validity of your claims. Because this sort of essay necessitates extensive research, it’s best to begin working on it ahead of time.

Persuasive essays

They may appear to be the same as the preceding category, but they are not. You’re attempting to pass a test to see if you can persuade someone. Your argument is similar to a new product on the market, and you are the marketer. In this instance, everything goes! As an orator, your primary purpose is to demonstrate that your viewpoint is the only one that is correct. By the way, you may mix in various emotions. There’s no need to spam solely accurate statistics; that’s for argumentative writings.

Descriptive essays

You should, after all, describe something. However, it is more accurate to state that you must portray anything using eloquent and even creative language. So, as if you were painting a masterpiece, you may enliven your words and add semitones of emotions here.

Narrative ones 

Here you put through the test your abilities to create a compelling story. Such essays are usually about personal experiences. 

Expository papers 

This is one of the most difficult since you must express facts. You show how deeply you’ve researched a certain issue. It is preferable to use exact data and analysis of a situation or incident rather than adding emotions.

Analytical essays

It’s understandable. You have to analyze an object or a particular phenomenon. 


It’s when you have two things and you have to find all of the differences as well as similarities between them. You could need to compare two authors, two politicians, two historical periods, and so on. Your professor may occasionally request that you compare more than two objects of observation.

Is it possible for a custom essay writing service to complete all of those essays?

Now you know, what are the different types of essay, the question remains is there a service that will help you write an essay? Yes, there is a spoiler. Networks connect the greatest essay assistance from the United States and the United Kingdom on such websites. An essay writing service’s employees generally have more than one degree and a few years of practical experience. As a result, they are well-versed in dealing with your essay issue.

What Does It Mean When an Essay Writing Service Offers Custom Writing?

If you seek assistance from professional essay writers, you may expect plenty of advantages. They can, first and foremost, develop 100% unique texts and other types of material. They don’t mind how difficult your project is as long as they can:

  • write your essay from scratch on any topic; 
  • create custom papers according to the smallest detail of your requirements; 
  • edit your paper if you are not sure it’s in its best form; 
  • format your paper with strict considerateness; 
  • detect plagiarism and get rid of it; 
  • work with any type, format, and requirement. 

Almost all essay writing services can also help with other types of assignments. The major area of expertise is essays, but if you want a term paper, it will not be a problem. They are capable of doing a wide range of tasks, including producing comprehensive dissertations.

What To Expect When You Ask for Paper Help 

Student-friendly writing assistance websites take into account the challenges of college life. Typically, their assistance is inexpensive or at least reasonably priced. However, there are certain definite benefits that are always provided free of charge to students. Consider the following example:

Full anonymity

A quality custom assignment writing service, like any other reputable business, will keep your information secure. It will not reveal your identity or reveal your name to your writer. Furthermore, your essay assistance does not require your name in order to complete a project for you.

Fast writing

For the most part, employees of such companies can write fast custom essays in several hours. Sometimes their minimum deadline is 6 hours but that’s a rarity. In any case, they are always on time because they know how to ace an essay in the shortest terms. 

Free revisions

Every essay writing business provides free revisions if the client expresses displeasure. They will go to great lengths to ensure that your essay is immaculate before you accept it.

Excellent research. The best custom writing assistance providers are well-versed in literature. They’ll know which resource is ideal for your project. They also only utilize items that have been validated.

Flawless cleanliness

This rule applies to every aspect of your essay. A document may be edited to perfection by any custom assignment writing agency. As a result, your essay will be eloquent and well-structured, and you will not be penalized.

So, even if you only use an essay writing service once, you will have a fantastic template. This essay may be used as a model for any situation.


Many essays are the cause of fear among students. A great choice of a writing service, on the other hand, can fix this problem as quickly as feasible. Pro writers can assist you with any form of essay for a low price, and you will receive an excellent document that you may reuse as needed.