Many students ask this question, especially freshmen. Essay writing is a common thing in college but at some point, these assignments become repetitive. It seems like it doesn’t help to develop practical skills. Moreover, it turns out to be not as effective as it seemed in terms of enhancing writing skills. 

So, what is an essay for real? Is it a paper that plays an important role or is it a mere attempt to close the gaps in the study plan? No matter the answer, there is always another question of bigger significance: is there a way to get rid of essays?

Is Academic Essay Writing That Important?

That depends on where you study and how your professors treat students. Overall, essay writing can be useful. If there is an interesting topic, every student can express their feelings and thoughts by writing an essay. Moreover, there are axiomatic enhancements to your writing skills when you write an academic paper. We can list all the benefits briefly: 

  • essays can help you structure your thoughts; 
  • essays with restrictions on capacity make you pick words carefully and effectively; 
  • this paper is easy to write if it’s about your personal experience; 
  • the essay format is sometimes undemanding, so you don’t have to spam precise facts and statistics; 
  • you can be creative when you write an essay; 
  • your thoughts and perspective matter. 

Yet, when essay writing becomes a burden, then it’s not convenient and fun anymore. Some drawbacks make essays unpleasant, such as: 

  • many professors overuse this assignment; 
  • some essays require research as if they are research papers; 
  • academic papers might not allow creativity; 
  • topics become repetitive; 
  • some essays require a lot of extra work that won’t help you develop important skills; 
  • some essays spoil the overall picture of academic performance even though they are useless; 
  • sometimes professors ignore the importance of explanation. they might expect every student to be the best essay writer from the very start; 
  • formatting is tedious;
  • it’s hard to write a unique paper even if you use your remarkable ideas. 

Given how many essays a student has to write, it stops being helpful at all. So, students start seeking alternatives to free themselves from this monotonous assignment. And this is when a good custom essay writing service can become a lifesaver. 

What Is Custom Writing by a Good Essay Writing Service

If you consider getting help from pro essay writers, then make sure you know what to expect. Custom writing from them means: 

  • writing your essay from scratch on any topic; 
  • profound research to back your original idea up; 
  • help with any subjects; 
  • writing considering 100% of your requirements; 
  • creating papers with utmost accuracy and brilliant eloquence; 
  • assistance from specialists with degrees; 
  • fast implementation of any project you’ve come up with; 
  • editing in case you’ve already written an essay; 
  • writing with 0% of plagiarized content; 
  • doing citations in case they need to back your idea up with extra resources; 
  • providing all-around writing assistance; 
  • keeping you anonymous as a client; 
  • offering free revisions in case there is something wrong with the paper you ordered; 
  • helping you for cheap; 
  • making the prices more affordable if you require it. 

This is not the full list of what a good custom essay writing service can offer. Websites of this kind provide different writing help depending on their specialization. 

How To Find a Сustom Assignment Writing Service That Will Free You from Essays? 

Enterprises of this kind exist only on the Internet. Of course, they have an office but they connect with their clients only online. The reason for that is that the best writer for a particular client might be too far away. By the way, your writer might live beyond the USA. For instance, many writers are from the UK but they can connect to the big system via the Internet. Thus, the system ensures that every client will get their help no matter where the helper lives. 

Unfortunately, the Internet isn’t a safe place. It’s full of deceivers that mimic high-quality essay help to take students’ money away. So, you have to be careful when looking for a writer for hire. 

If you don’t know how to spot a good writing website, then try looking for: 

  • Custom writing reviews. Feedback from other students is the first and foremost thing in this case. But don’t ban a service if you notice a couple of negative reviews! Look how the administration reacts and what it offers to make the situation better. 
  • Official documents prove that this service is legit. Every custom essay writing service must post it and state that their help is lawful. 
  • Discounts. Such websites have to be student-friendly. They usually offer writing help for cheap but some students need essays for more affordable prices. If you can’t see the information about discounts right on the website, ask the support how to get it. 
  • Documents that ensure your anonymity. Every enterprise must keep its clients “hidden”. It works for any company, and an essay writing service is no exception. 
  • Pricing policy. Market standards in the USA decide the price for every paper. There shouldn’t be under- or overpricing. 

Can a Сustom Essay Writing Service Help Develop Writing Skills? 

The answer is yes but there are circumstances. Usually, students lay their work on their essay helper and wait for the essay. This is a common way of using websites like that. But you can learn a lot from your essay helper as they will be a pro writer with a degree or multiple degrees even. 

Such websites work transparently, so there are no obstacles to block you from supervising your assistant. If you are willing to develop your skill, you can use such websites as cheap writing courses. And don’t be shy to ask how to do this and that! Many assistants of any good essay writing service used to be professors or teachers. So, they will appreciate and value your involvement as a supervisor. 


There are reasons to write essays but it’s not necessary if you feel that it doesn’t help you. Still, you’ll have to submit them all. To free yourself from this problem, you can find a writer for hire online but be careful with your choice! And if you manage to find the best writing service for you, then the essay matter won’t be an issue anymore.